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Feed Barrier Feed Barrier

Performance Steel provide two types of  Feed Barriers - Diagonal Feed Barriers and Self
Locking Feed Barriers.  All Feed Barriers are hot dip galvanized, which makes them
extremely durable, and provides protection against the elements and everyday wear and
tear that occurs in the farming environment.  It also reduces the need for future maintenance.

Our Diagonal Feed Barriers lead to minimum wastage of feed and also reduces bullying
among the herd.  The barriers are adjustable in width, from 6' to 20'.  

Self Locking Feed Barriers can be set to lock cattle as they feed.  These barriers come with
an adjustable neck width space.  There are many advantages to using Self Locking Feed
Barriers.  They contribute to the general ease of handling of the animal for  various reasons
such as testing.  The barriers can be locked while feed is being replaced, making this an easier
and safer task  The self Locking barriers are also adjustable in width.  Calves cannot get
through the barriers.

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