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Mobile Crush

Performance Steel offer a range of mobile crush units.

Mobile Crush Mobile Crush

Mobile Crush Mobile Crush

Mobile Crush Mobile Crush

These units are easy to use and versatile

Portable Cattle Crush Chieftain Crush

The universal crush supplied by Performance Steel Ltd, can be used for an animal of any
size.  It is also a suitable type of crush to use against a wall.   There is also a fully or semi automatic
crush available.  These make it possible to catch the animal that is at the front of the crush.
 The fully automatic crush resets itself, ready to catch the next animal.

Portable cattle crush

The standard crush consists of a 2.5 mm wall with 50 mm piping
A heavier crush is available, with a 3.0 mm wall with 65 mm piping.  The advantage of the heavy duty
crush, is that each section has a latching gate and an extra heavy back gate.  
The posts have a 3 mm wall with 100 mm pipe.  The picture above shows a portable crush, which
is unique as it's width can be adjusted to suit all size of animals.

Calf Dehorning Box      Calf Dehorning Box     Calf Dehorning Box

Performance Steel Ltd also supply a wide range of Calf De-horning Boxes, some
of which may be seen in the photos above.

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