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Shed  Inside Shed
 Performance Steel Ltd. plan and design agricultural buildings.  This involves the total design of the building,
 with your individual farm and needs in mind.  The site will be surveyed and the best, and most effective
 plan will be drawn up.   The best position for the new building will be selected, based on a number of priorities,
 such as, what direction should the building face for the best ventilation, or what position is best for easy access
 for the handling of cattle.  We will look at all health & safety aspects of the new building, for both the farmer and
the animals., eg. suitable penning for testing, calving times, use of the bull, cleaning out and the use of machinery.

The best suitable type of penning is recommended, for each individual farm.  Suitable lie-back areas
and comfort zones are allocated for cattle.  The slurry storage capacity needed is also calculated.  Bull
 pens and calving boxes are properly designed, with safety and ease of use in mind.
 Ventilation plays an important role in the housing of animals, and we can recommend the best
 ventilation systems for the size of your shed.  The shed can have seperate air space, meaning that
animals of mixed age can be housed together.  A good ventilation system can also reduce the
spread of disease, such as viral pneumonia.  Advice is also included about the plumbing and
lighting systems.

 Proper drainage and cleaning systems, particularly for calving boxes, ensure proper hygience standards
are maintained.  This also helps to reduce the spread of disease.

 Performance Steel Ltd. can organis and oversee the construction of the unit from beginning to end.  
 We provide full, detailed drawn up plans.


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